How to Replace a Lost or Misplaced Nursing License

Losing or misplacing any license is the worst thing one could ever imagine. However, bad experience never comes asking. Sometimes, because of exertion resulting from busy schedules or due to oversight, we naturally ignore importance of certain things in our lives. This practice cost us dearly when we are not able to trace documents that we believe is safe in a place where we have kept. The realization of missing something starts affecting our routine activities. Moreover, if the lost thing is one that is your bread and butter such as a CNA license, your mind will stop responding in a right way.

However, there are ways to get a replacement of your nursing assistant license. You just need to know the procedures. The application process is different in each state. No sooner you realize about the loss or misplacement of the document, you need to approach the State Licensing Board from where you received the license the first time. A call, email or letter to the local board requesting them information for a new license would suffice. However, personal visit to the board office is the right thing to avoid confusion that is likely to arise due to the disturbances in the phone line, wrong spellings and inadequate information in an email or a letter.

What are the Requirements for a CNA License Replacement?

steps for replacement nursing license Call the Nursing Aide Registry and find out whether you can apply for a replacement CNA license online. The online request for replacement is limited with few states only. If the Registry for your state does not allow you to apply online, you have to call or visit the office. The board will ask you to submit an application for a new license. You will need to fill a form stating your personal details. Fill the form and provide your full name, the nursing school name from where you took the certified nursing training, your date of birth, social security number, and license number, if possible. In case, you are not able to provide your license number, you need to find sources that can help you with the number. You may ask your ex-employer since they keep a copy of the license with them at the time of appointment. If you have lost the license before you could find a job, then the authority will have to find out with the help of your social security number, which is compulsory to provide at the time of applying for the CNA exam.

If there is online facility to replace your certified nursing license, you have to navigate to the page and read the information. You will also find a form to apply for replacement license, which you can easily print and mail it to the Nursing Registry filling the required details.

What are the Cost and Time Needed to Get CNA License Replaced?

Cost: Depending on the method you have chosen, you will have to pay a small amount of fee. The fee will be around $25 if you want to receive the license through post. It may be less if you are making an online request. However, the cost may be a little higher in some states, whereas there will be no replacement charges in some states. The Nursing Registry will ask you to deposit the fee in money order or in the form of a cashier’s check.

Time Period: If you are expecting the license through post, it will take about 8 weeks to reach your address. On the other hand, online request is much faster and require less time. However, you should ask the Nursing Registry to send it through snail mail since it will bear a seal and signature of the authorized person. Though you will receive the scan copy of the license if you need it through electronic mail, the scanner may not read the seal and signature that are important signs of a genuine copy. Hence, you should request the authority to send it to your mailing address.

Steps to Follow After Receiving New License

When you have the new copy of your nursing assistant license in your hand, do not sit and relax. As a precaution, make few photocopies and keep it in a convenient and safe place. If possible, inform your family members about the place so that they can help you in case you forget where you have kept.

Feed the renewal date in your personal dairy to keep the license status alive. If you are relocating in a new place, but in the same state, update the Nursing Aide Registry with your new address. You will need to get the license transferred to the state you are planning to work in.

Replacing your CNA license is easy if you know the procedures or procedures of transfer license. Try not to lose or misplace it, since you have already sweated a lot to obtain it. Moreover, it is always in your favor to be organized and never lose such an important document that is so necessary to find a job.

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