Privacy Policy

Websites are the best medium and reliable sources if you are stranded in the mid of the way to know anything you are waiting to do, buy or just inflate your knowledge. However, the content of the websites must be genuine, and the readers should not feel like having lost in the wall of the content. As we provide only authentic information to our visitors, we expect the same from other websites.

Since the internet is the highway of information, visitors keep clicking on their favorite websites if they are convinced and satisfied with their needs. The only time they are skeptical and take a U-turn is when the websites request them to furnish their personal details by filling and submitting a form. Though the motive or intention in asking for the information is clean, the visitors are still worried with the thought of facing or encountering any unexpected or undesirable activities. Their concerns are fair in its place since they have the right to privacy. We, at respect and preserve your online privacy each time you provide any information, feedback or suggestions.

Though this website displays third-party advertising, they cannot access your personal information in any case. We clear this matter and make a contract with third parties at the beginning to safeguard your information. Nor do we indulge in selling any kind of information for whatever reason to the third parties.

Log Files

The moment you click on any website, the server catches the IP address of your computer. A separate log file is then created by the website. This log file stores the information of your IP address, ISP (internet service provider), and the details of the browser (Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.) you logged in to reach our website. We use this information to find out the number of time you have opened or clicked on any single tab of our website. This is purely to know the readers’ interest and frequency of visits.

Cookies and Web Beacons

Cookies are used to know your interest on any particular topic when you visit and click each tab on our website. Whenever you click any page of our website, the server sends the details to the web browser, which is returned to the server whenever the page is clicked. Like the other entire websites, we enable the cookies in our website.

Beacons are small graphic image that is not visible to the users because of its transparency and the size. The use of beacons is to track and monitor the frequency of visits, and to send emails. With the help of beacons, the website can track its activity. Different names are given to web beacons such as web bug, page tag or tracking bug.

Third Party Advertisement

We display ads on our website posted by third parties. All the advertisers use cookies and web beacons that give information on your IP address, ISP, and the browser used for accessing the website. We have no access or control from stopping the third parties to use the cookies and web beacons. However, the information is only to target the needs of visitors of a certain location.

We do not encourage or follow any practice of passing on your information to the third parties even though they are our business partners. Only that information that are allowed by the cyber law are provided at our discretion. However, this is done only when we believe it will harm your privacy, rights and properties. The third parties Information of those visitors who are not identifiable by us can be

Contact Details

We reserve the right to change our privacy policy without any notification. You will learn about it whenever you click on the privacy tab on this website. For any additional information, you may contact us at

We have applied all our expertise and knowledge to protect your personal information. We have the right to block any outsiders from accessing any information that may, if used fraudulently, can affect the visitors of our website. We will always strive to update our visitors with genuine information and win their confidence repeatedly.

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