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The medical industries have seen many changes in the last few decades. The contribution of technology in the curative field has made it possible for human beings to diagnose and take over new and traditional diseases. What the technology fails in is the stopping of the disease in the first place. Largely, human beings are responsible for the way they live their lives and shut their eyes to the possibilities of being exposed to various diseases. Of course, age is the natural factor responsible for inviting unpleasant. Therefore, people hospitalized in nursing homes, and rehabilitation centers have gone way out of control. To manage such ailing population, the medical industries need more nursing assistants. To be qualified for the nursing job, one has to get a CNA license.

Pre-requisites to Work as Nursing Aide

First, you have to fulfill certain requirements your state nursing board expects. The procedures and conditions will totally rest on the state. You simply have to oblige their demand for you cannot work in the healthcare industry without the license. You may get to work in some nursing homes without it if your state permits. In that condition, your nursing career will not move ahead as you cannot compete for the promotion until you obtain the license.

Responsibilities of Certified Nurse Assistant

Registered nurses will guide and supervise your activity. Be it any healthcare settings, you will assist the medical team by doing the mediocre work so that they can concentrate more on patients’ treatment. You are also responsible for assisting patients in routine activities that are not manageable by them. You have to help patients in taking a bath, changing dress, moving and shifting their place on the beds, taking them to the toilet, etc. Other therapeutic duties include monitoring blood pressure, body temperature and pulse, taking blood samples, administer IV fluids, and record the patients’ recovery.

Here are Few Instructions on How to Get your CNA License.

get your nursing license Requirements: There are rules to qualify for licenses whether it is for a driving purpose or a passport. The CNA license too has certain procedures. You must first know whether you meet the requirements, your state wants to. This includes your age, qualifications and background. Check with the State’s Nursing Aide Registry licensing authority.

Get Information: Get a list of nursing schools and healthcare facilities of your area that offer nursing assistant training. Find out how much you need to pay for the tuition, exam and license. Also, learn about the period needed in receiving the license. Each state expects you to complete the training program that includes theoretical and practical lessons. The course duration also differs from state to state.

Training Options: Some states even authorize healthcare facilities to offer the nursing assistant training that starts after every three months. Taking the training with such facilities will save you the tuition fees. However, first you need to get an employment in that facility. When you receive the license, you can work as a nursing assistant.

Get Assistance: If you are unable to locate any training school or institute in your area, you can contact the state nursing board. They will guide you on where to take the training and how to receive grants and free training. The cost of the CNA training depends on the state. It could be anything from $300 to $2000.

Application Process: Fill the application form at the local nursing aide board. Attach two passport size photographs and a demand draft for the registration fee. Attest a seal and signature of a notary and post it to the State Licensing Office.

Required Documents: Before mailing the application, you need to get a form filled by the school or institute you have completed your training from. The state licensing authority will recognize the training program. Either you can send the application or the school will do it for you after completing the formalities.

Medical and Background Check: The procedures do not stop with the application and depositing exam fee. The licensing authority needs to know whether you are medically fit and have no criminal charges against you. Every state follows this important step considering the safety of the people you are going to work with. Hence, you need to submit a copy of medical and background check. Any physician can do the medical check and provide you the report. The Public Safety Department will need two copies of your fingerprint to check your criminal background.

Exam: Clearing all these initial requirements will allow you to sit for the CNA license exam. The local nursing board will approve and inform you whether you can appear for the exam or not. If you are eligible, you will receive an email or post to let you know the date and venue of the exam.

Temporary License: If there is urgency, some states issue a temporary license copy to candidates who are ready to pay the additional charges. After receiving the copy, candidates can verify it in by providing the details on the nursing board website.

Cost and Duration of the Certified Nursing License

Cost: Like the requirements, the cost for the nursing assistant license will also differ among states. The total cost includes fees for background check and verification of the training program. You will have to deposit the fee in between $300 to $600 according to the demand of the local nursing board.

Duration: The process will take approximately four to eight weeks. Some states issue the license in less than four weeks. You can get the details of your license through the State Nursing Board websites. The board will not entertain any phone calls relating to the license. You have to wait for until the specified period.

This shows that the nursing assistant licensing policies is different among states. There are definite variations in terms of fees, duration and application in getting the CNA license. To know more about the requirements, download the instructions from the nursing board websites, or ask for a handbook. Always remember to renewing & replacement license.

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