Certified Nursing Assistant License Washington

All the medical health facilities in Washington are facing the need of certified nursing assistants. That is why the recruitment procedure for nursing assistants is increasing day-by-day. If you want to work as a certified nursing assistant in Washington, then you should possess a certified nursing license in Washington. This acts as a legal approval of the State declaring that you are an eligible candidate to work as a certified nursing assistant in Washington.

How to Obtain a CNA License in Washington?

You should possess high school diploma and should have the relevant educational documents. You should have also undertaken the physical medical checkup for diagnosis of any illness and should have no criminal records and contain the documents for the same. For background verification, you will have to accomplish the Washington State Patrol background check. Your fingerprint card is also necessary.

nursing aide license in washington You can now enroll in a nursing school, hospital or a training center that conducts trainings for certified nursing aides. The duration of this training is 80 hours which includes both practical and classroom sessions. Out of these 80 hours, 50 hours is scheduled for practical sessions. You should make sure that the training center you wish to pursue the course should be approved from the State Board of Nursing. As there are few unapproved centers, you should be very careful while choosing your place of training. There are more than 100 training centers in Washington that are approved by the State Government. Therefore finding a nursing school for you will not be a difficult task. If you are not able to pay the course fees, then you can take the benefits of various financial grants and scholarships that are provided by the Government.

During the course, you will learn many things. Some of the basic things that are taught to you include:

After completing this training, you will have to undergo an AIDS training which is an additional, but a mandatory training for seven hours. It is also called as Blood borne Pathogens training. You should have the documents pertaining to this course, which acts as a proof of completion of the training.

You will then have to appear for the examination for obtaining nursing assistant certification in Washington. These exams are organized by the Department of Health and the examination fee is USD 107. The first section of the question paper will comprise of 72 objective questions and the second section will comprise of twenty five clinical questions out of which you will have to perform five clinical skills. You will have to pass both the written and the clinical tests. You will get three attempts to clear the exams.

After completing the examinations, your name will be included along with other licensed nursing assistant in the Washington Licensed Nursing Assistant Registry and you will obtain the nursing assistant license in Washington. You have now obtained the legal authorities to work in nursing homes, clinics, hospitals and other long term care facilities.

Washington CNA License Renewal

The license of a nursing assistant in Washington is valid only for one year. So you will have to renew it every year on or before your date of birth. For renewal purposes, you will have to prove that you have worked as a nursing assistant at least for eight hours during the last twelve months. The cost of renewal of the license is USD 40. If you have not renewed your license before its expiry date, then you have to pay some late fees and get it renewed. If you have not renewed your license for more than two years, then you will have to go through the training and the certification exam once again.

Transfer of CNA License to Washington

If you want to transfer your current license of a nursing assistant to Washington State and want to work as a CNA, then you will have to visit the website of the Washington State Department of Health and follow the instructions accordingly. The fees for the transfer procedure is around USD 48, however, this fees may change as the years pass by.

Nursing Assistant Jobs in Washington

The high salaries paid and the increasing employment chances for certified nursing assistants have attracted the attention of many nursing assistants towards this state. The average yearly salary paid to CNAs in Washington is approximately USD 25,000. So, you can try attempting for interviews in this state and get posted as a nursing aide in any of the medical facility. Candidates with more years of experience will be comparatively paid more amount of salary.

Nursing assistant license in Washington helps you to attain great jobs in the field of nursing and helps you earn more money and higher positions. The renewal of license at the appropriate time is necessary, so that your profession and progression to higher designations does not get hampered. Whether you work in Washington or New York, a CNA license is must. Therefore, you need to be aware about the process to obtain certified nursing aide license in the state where you work.

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