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Virginia is one of the states that is offering tremendous job opportunities to nursing assistants. In order to seek the benefits of such opportunities, you should possess a valid nursing assistant license of the state. Certified nursing license in Virginia can be obtained after qualifying the required criteria.

Requirements of Certified Nurse Aide License in Virginia

A standard eligibility criteria to become a nursing assistant is maintained. There are few procedures that you need to follow to obtain the license.

Mandatory Requirements

virginia certified nursing license You should not have any criminal records against your name and must have gone through the background check. The second most important pre-requisite is the medical check-up of the candidate. You should have undergone a complete medical check-up of your body and a tuberculosis test as well. Only a high school diploma holder or a person who has completed General Education Development (GED) can enroll for this course.

Educational Requirements

The nursing assistant training is the common ground for becoming a certified nursing assistant. Many training centers and nursing schools conduct these trainings. You should check the accreditation status of these training schools. A training program will be considered to be a valid one, if it is approved by the State Board of Nursing. There are around 300 training institutes that offer training programs for nursing aides in this state. Some of them are:

  1. Abbott Education Center, Inc. Nurse Aide Program – Virginia Beach
    Address: 5441 Virginia Beach Blvd., Virginia Beach, VA 23462
  2. Louisa County High School Nurse Aide Course – Mineral
    Address: P.O. Box 328, Mineral, Virginia 23117
  3. Alete Home Health Solutions Nurse Aide Program – Lynchburg
    Address: 801 Court Street, Lynchburg, Virginia 24504
  4. Loudoun Nursing and Rehabilitation Center CNA Class – Leesburg
    Address: 235 Old Waterford Road, Leesburg, Virginia 20176
  5. Medical Learning Center CNA Course – Alexandria
    Address: 1840 Wilson Boulevard, Alexandria, Virginia 22201

This course is conducted for around 120 hours that includes both theoretical and practical sessions. Both the sessions are equally important. During these programs, you will be taught about the medical care that needs to be provided to patients, safety measures, communication skills, hygiene, nutrition, immunizations, diseases and prevention methods, human physiology and anatomy. The practical sessions will be conducted under the guidance of a registered nurse.


After completing the two to three months of training, the next procedure is to register for the exams and appear for it. As the part of the written test, you will have to answer sixty multiple choice questions and as part of the practical test, you will have to demonstrate five clinical experiments to the administrator present at the examination hall. It is obligatory to qualify both the tests. If you do not clear the exams, you can appear for it once again. In all, you get three chances to clear the exams, however if you fail in the third attempt, you will have to go through the entire training program again and then reappear for the exams.

Certification and License

Finally, after clearing the examination also called as licensure examination in Virginia, you will obtain the certificate of a certified nursing assistant and a Virgina nursing assistant license. You need to pay the CNA license fees or cost as per the amount applicable in your state. Now you can go through all the employment opportunities available in this field as you are legally approved to be a nursing assistant of this state. You can go for interviews conducted at various medical facilities and get appointed as a nursing aide.

Benefits of a Nursing Assistant License

Obtaining a nursing assistant license determines that your name is registered in the Nurse Aide Registry of Virginia state. However, if not you can contact this organization and confirm about it. Pursuing a license will help you to advance your career in the field of nursing. You can pursue for higher qualifications in the field of nursing which will help you to become a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) and a Registered Nurse (RN). This organization maintains a record of all the certified nursing assistants working in their state. Misconduct of any nursing aide during their job tenure will lead to deleting their name from the Registry and taking back their license. They will further not be allowed to go to work as a nursing aide anywhere. Thus, a CNA license plays a major role in the nursing assistant career of an individual.

CNA License Transfer to Virginia

For example, you are working as a nursing aide in California and want to get transferred to Virginia. In this case you need to follow the reciprocity option. The State Board of Nursing in Virgina will provide you with the reciprocity form that needs to be filled. The Assistance from the both the state boards, i.e. California and Virginia will be required to be completed for the transfer procedure. However, this transfer procedure will be applicable only if you have a valid and active license of California (current working state).

Procedure to Renew CNA License in Virginia

Nursing assistant license in Virginia expires after one year. You will receive the renewal forms at least two to three months before the expiry of the license. This time period will allow you to get your license renewed before it expires completely. The required renewal form will be delivered to you and you will have to fill the form accordingly and submit at the address mentioned in the form. While approving your renewal application, the organization will check the number of hours you have worked as a nursing assistant and your performance during the work. Process of renewing license in every state varies and you need to be aware about it. For example: The nursing aide in Virginia need to follow the license renewal process applicable in their state, while the CNA in Washington need to be aware about license renewal process applicable in their state.

Possessing a nursing assistant license in Virginia will provide you the legal authorities to work as a certified nursing assistant in any medical health care in Virginia. Verification of this license is obligatory, as it will help you to safeguard your job.

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