Nursing Assistant License Transfer

Nursing career needs a license. People interested in this profession have to undergo training and do the exam. The training lasts for three to four months depending on the program you have selected as well as the state you are living in. The passing of the exam obtains the license. When you enter the details of the CNA license in your resume and cover letter, the employers are likely to call you for an interview. Such is the impact of the license. You can work in your state in the healthcare industry in your state as well as other states. Working in your own state from where you received the license does not require any other formality. However, you have to transfer the certified nursing license to that state where you want to work as a certified nursing assistant.

Why Transfer License?

Transferring the CNA license is important if you are moving to another state and have decided to stay and work there. For this, you have to apply to both the State Nurse Aide Registry. The license transfer could be for any reasons. Maybe you do not have the salary package the way you were expecting, or the remuneration offered for the same job by the neighboring states is more. No state can deny your request for the transferring the license of any ground, but the documents have to pass the CNA license verification. You just have to abide by the regulations of both the states.

Transfer Regulations

transfer nursing license There are few simple regulations for transferring the license. The process of transfer is also called reciprocity. It is the mutual exchange of commercial or other privileges between two states. Not all the states have this kind of mutual agreement. If the state you want to work in or moving in has any such arrangement with your state, the process is not lengthy and gets over within few weeks. On the other hand, in the absence of exchange arrangements, you have to do the exam the new state expects all certified nursing assistants to pass. Probably, you have to take additional course and pass the exam for license transfer. If that is so, you have to visit the local licensing authority and get the details of transfer.

Request for Transfer

Assuming the existence of reciprocity arrangements between your state and the state, you are transferring to; make a request for transfer with the local Nurse Aide Registry. The Registry will issue a form to you against your application. You will receive it through email or registered post, whichever method you have opted for. You have to fill in the form and comply with the directives. However, you need to ask the Registry whether you are supposed to send the filled-in form to them or to the Nurse Aide Registry of the state you want to transfer it. Depending on their preference, you have to act so.

CNA License Transfer Process

Precautionary Measures

In any case, be sure that you have all the information with you so that your application does not get lost in the process. Communicate with the officials of both the Nurse Aide Registry. Note down their names and phone numbers so that you can follow up with them. Ask them about the documents to be submitted along with the form. Mostly, you have to provide them your social security number, copy of driving license, educational documents, employment proof, a photocopy of check your current CNA license, and a copy of background check from the Public Safety Department.

Mode of Communication for License Transfer

Email or fax the application along with the required documents only after confirming which way the new state is comfortable. If they are accepting it through fax, ensure that you have the correct fax number. Reconfirm it with the official you are conversing with over the phone. You will receive the new CNA license on the address you have stated in the application. They will either email you or send it through post depending on your preference.

Time Period for the Transfer

The time for getting your certified nursing license transferred to the new state will be in between four to eight weeks. During the transferring period, some states even allow you to work. You can continue to work only if they found you clear in the background check. If you can manage commuting between two states, you are allowed to work in each state. However, the working hours should not cross three hours.

Do not get frustrated when you are not getting through any official on the other end of the phone after calling the Nurse Aide Registry office. If no official is attending your phone call, follow the direction of the automated line. By pressing the correct numbers on the dialer pad of your phone as per the instruction, you can accomplish your task. Moreover, you need to have to pay for the call since all the automated phone lines are toll-free. Better, if you can speak to a person instead of listening to the recorded message, and keep on pressing numbers.

Transferring nursing assistant license is compulsory if you have decided to move to other states and follow the same nursing profession. Once the license is transferred, you can also choose to work as a freelancer by assisting patients at their homes.

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