CNA License Renewal

It takes many efforts to become a certified nursing assistant. Right from looking for a state-approved training program until doing the exam and receiving the license, it takes six to eight months. The license opens the door of employment for you. Depending on your preference, you can either work in a public or private healthcare setting. Your job may be permanent, but your license is not. If you want to retain your position in the workplace, you have to renew your CNA license as and when the validity period gets over.

Why to Renew the Certified Nurse Aide License?

All the certified nursing assistants have this question. After obtaining a job, they become so busy in their work that they hardly have any time to remember or think about the license renewal. Somewhere at their back of the mind, they believe that once you have a license, there is no need to renew it, especially when you are continuing your job with the same employer. Moreover, they feel that the detail of the license is already submitted to the employer at the time of interview, and that is all needed to secure and continue the job. Though you may not forget whatever you have learned in the training and have practiced personally in the job, you still have to renew the CNA license. The state and the federal government dictate this regulation.

What is the Validity of Nursing Assistant License?

The validity period of the nursing assistant license is from one to two years. Most of the states issue the license for one year. All the state and federal licensing authorities have made it compulsory to renew the license at the time of expiry.

When to Renew the CNA License and Whom to Approach?

processes to renewal license You do not have to conduct a CNA license search as the local Nurse Aide Registry will send you the license renewal notification two months before the date of expiry. You will receive it either through email or through a postcard at your residential address as a reminder. The notice will remind you about the license renewal. You can prepare the necessary documents and arrange for the renewal fee before the deadline.

To renew your nursing assistant license, you have to approach the same the licensing authority of your state that has issued you the license. You can also renew your license online. The time factor is crucial. If you are applying for the license renewal after a month or two, you have to pay the fine along with the renewal fee. If more than a year has passed and you have not renewed the license, you have to reappear for the exam to obtain it again. The state and the federal government have all the rights to amend the regulations. Therefore, keep yourself well informed so that you need not to have to reappear for the exam and make a hole in your pocket.

What is the Procedure for Certified Nursing License Renewal?

Some states will also require you to take continue education to enhance your skills. Start applying for the license renewal before the due date of the license gets over. This will help you since the renewal process takes few weeks. Moreover, there will not be any break in your job. Delay in applying for the license renewal may cause you to take a break and join the job only after you have a new license. It will depend on the place of working whether you can continue work during the renewal process.

Fees and Time Period for License Renewal

The fees and time period for renewing the certified nurse aide license will depend on the state from where you have obtained it. Usually the time taken for renewing the license is 2 weeks and the cost of renewing ranges between USD 55 to USD 80.

The convenient way to renew your license is through online. The details of the website where you can renew the license are mentioned in the renewal notice. Conversely, you can call or email the local office to know about the online facility for license renewal. You can access the online system through your home.

To conclude, let's recollect it in this way certified nursing assistant license renewal tells us that we should remember the validity of the license and start the process at least few weeks before the expiry date. Delaying the license renewal process may interrupt the flow of your work, and you may be asked to take a break until you receive the license. You will also have to take the CNA license exam again if you are trying to renew the license after a long gap. Therefore, to avoid frustration and spending of money against fine or exam fee, it is better to keep a reminder of license renewal.

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