Certified Nursing Assistant License New York

New York has got many employment opportunities for certified nursing assistants. The salary provided in this region is extremely high as compared to the other states. These jobs can be obtained if you posses a CNA license in New York. There is a certain procedure that you need to follow to obtain this license. Given below is the step wise procedure for obtaining the license in New York.

CNA Certification Requirements

Attending Nursing Assistant Program

new york nursing license You should have completed a 100 hours training session from an approved nursing assistant training school. However, at times you may find that the training period exceeds to 130 hours. There are many nursing schools, community colleges, hospitals, and training schools for nurse aides that conduct this training and provide certification.

This training session consists of theoretical and practical sessions related to the responsibilities of a certified nursing assistant in a medical facility. You will be taught about hygiene, physiology and anatomy of the human body, patient's rights, your duties and responsibilities towards the patient, your way of conduct in the hospital. You can enhance these skills through practical sessions where you will be allowed to experiment certain clinical duties under the observation of a supervisor. After completing the training, you will be aware about all the concepts of a nursing assistant and will be eligible to sit for the nursing aide examination.

Appearing for the Certified Nursing Examination

The New York nursing aide examinations are organized by the Prometric services. Before appearing for the exam, you can go through several practice tests so that you gain confidence while answering the questions. The question paper is divided into two sections: a written test and a clinical approach evaluation. In the written section, you will have to attempt 60 objective type questions and in the clinical approach test, you will have to perform five skill tests and show it to the supervisor or examiner present over there. If you pass both the sections, you will obtain your certified nursing assistant certification in New York. You will be given only three attempts to pass the examination. The number of course hours may vary in every state, but license is a mandatory factor in every state. Whether you are residing in New York or Massachusetts, it is compulsory for nursing aide to possess CNA license.

Getting Your CNA License in New York

Once you pass the examination and obtain the certificate, your name will appear on the New York State Nursing Home Aide Registry and the New York CNA license will be delivered at your residential address. You are now eligible to work as a certified nursing assistant in any health care organization for a period of two years.

These are the four essential steps that are necessary to obtain a license for a CNA in New York. You can now prepare your resume that contains all the information regarding your course, certification and license then you can start searching for certified nurse aide jobs in New York. There are many hospitals, nursing homes, long-term care facilities that are in need of talented nursing aides to serve their patients. You can find such employers through newspaper advertisements, online classifieds, and take help from your friends or relatives working in medical organizations. The nursing aides in New York are paid around USD 14.5 per hour, which is a huge amount as compared to the pay of nursing aides in other states for example Virginia. Those working as certified nurse assistant in other states such as Virginia need to get information about CNA license procedure applicable in their state.

Nursing Assistant License Renewal

The validity period of your license is two years and you will have to renew it to continue working as a nursing assistant. The Nurse Aide Registry will send the relevant renewal documents to you through email and you will have to fill them and send the filled forms through email. Within a certain period of time you will receive your renewed license. It is advisable that you complete with the renewal process before your license expires to avoid any problems in your job.

Nursing Assistant License Transfer

If you are working as a certified nurse aide assistant in some other state and you want to work in New York, then you will have to follow the method of reciprocity. You will have to complete the registration process, submit the required documents, and pay the required amount to get your license transferred. The time period for the transfer procedure cannot be determined.

Thus, it can be concluded that a certified nursing license acts as a proof of identity for all certified nursing assistants that gives them the legal permission to work in any health care facility in this state. A CNA license in New York thus plays a major role in the professional life of a certified nursing assistant.

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