CNA License Massachusetts

Holding a license of a certified nursing assistant in Massachusetts will give you the legal authorities to work as a nursing assistant in any health care setting in Massachusetts. This is not given to every common person, as you need to go through a certification program and a competency exam to obtain certified nursing assistant license in Massachusetts.

View of CNA Certification in Massachusetts

In order to pursue the training, you should be eligible for it. The eligibility criteria includes high school diploma degree or a General Education Development (GED). The Massachusetts Department of Public Health conducts training programs for all the learners who wish to become nursing aides. Their norms state that the training session should be conducted for atleast 75 hours. It is also mandatory for all the training centers to conduct a minimum of 16 hours of clinical training for a single batch of students. The remaining hours should be used for classroom sessions. If required, the duration for both can be increased to cover all the things required to be taught. Thus, the training is scheduled for approximately 2 to 3 months per batch.

Nursing Assistant License in Massachusetts

Evaluation of the training is a must so that you can prove your capability and for this purpose state competency exams for nursing assistants is introduced. Whether you work in Massachusetts or Washington or Virginia or any other state as certified nursing aide, you need a CNA license. In Massachusetts, this examination is known as Nurse Aide Competency Evaluation (NACE) and the Red Cross Institute organizes this exam. The Red Cross Institute also conducts many practice exams, so after completing the training you can go through these practice tests, prepare well for the exams and then appear for the final examinations. This will help you score good grades.

The NACE comprises of 60 multiple choice questions and five clinical skills evaluation. . You should compulsorily pass both the sections to obtain the CNA certificate. The NACE exams in Massachusetts costs around USD 93.

Once you obtain the certificate, your name will be registered in the Nurse Aide Registry of the State and you will obtain the Massachusetts certified nursing license. Two more requirements of this license apart from training and certification are the background check for criminal records and health check up results.

Importance of Nursing Assistant License in Massachusetts

Massachusetts nursing aide license The Nurse Aide Registry keeps a track of all the certified nursing assistants working in the state. Details regarding the training institute , residential address, examination center, score cards, certification, health check-up, and background verification of every nurse aide will be maintained by this organization. It also maintains records of various medical centers that every individual has worked in. Before employing any candidate as a nurse assistant in their medical setting, the employers need to inquire about them with the Nurse Aide Registry and then appoint them. This organization also plays a major role in transfer, renewal, and obtaining the duplicate license.

Renewal of Nursing Assistant License in Massachusetts

The license obtained after certification is not a permanent one. It gets expired after twenty four months from the date when you received it. The notification (renewal form) regarding the expiry will be sent to you either through e-mail or will be delivered at your residence before your license expires. If the contact details mentioned in the records of the Registry is incorrect then you may not receive the notification, so you should be aware about its status and renew it as and when it expires.

You will have to read the instructions on this renewal form carefully and fill all the details. You should then send it to the address that will be mentioned in the form. The department will check few details regarding your working experience, your performance at work, certification and renew your license. If they get any negative feedback regarding your performance at work or any criminal work done during your employment, then they can reject your application for renewal. Working as a certified nursing assistant after the expiry of a license will pose a threat to your career.

Transfer of CNA License in Massachusetts

Massachusetts follows the reciprocity pattern where approvals from both the states (the state where you possess the license and the state where you want to get your license transferred to) is required. For example: A certified nurse assistant from Washington relocating to Massachusetts needs to get approval from both these states. You have to obtain the reciprocity form from the Nurse Aide Registry of Massachusetts and follow all the instructions mentioned in it. Details regarding your role in the current organization in the state and your role that corresponds to that state in which you want to get transfered, need to be filled in this form.

For transfer of license, an active license is required. Your code of conduct in the medical facility will also be taken into consideration. Rejection of license can occur in case of any bad records found against your name.

Obtaining a CNA License in Massachusetts, though is a two way step of certification and examination, it also includes a lot of hard work to go through these phases. Nothing can be achieved without hard work. Striving hard in the beginning will definitely lead to a fruitful benefit in future, which will last for long. This fruitful benefit includes nursing assistant salary, job designations, bonuses, and other insurance benefits.

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