CNA License Exam

As a passage to the hospital assistant world, people hoping and trying to become a certified nursing assistant have to give the nursing assistant license exam. To get the ticket to the exam, they have to take admission and complete the CNA training program approved by the state they live in. The exam is in the form of a written and practical test. Candidates have to do both the tests on the same day. However, the application procedures, exam fees, contents and the passing percentage are different among states.

What are the Contents of the Certified Nurse Aide License Exam?

Other requirements for the CNA license may differ from state to state; however, the key format of the exam will remain the same. Candidates have to be ready for the written and clinical tests. Both the tests are meant to check the capability of the people who are waiting to taste the water of the medical industries. Written Exam

Every state follows a set pattern for the written test. The only difference is in the number of questions that the candidate has to answer. The important points of the written exam are as follows:

nursing aide license exam

Therefore, it is recommended to solve the previous year’s question papers to get an idea about the types of questions being asked in the exam. Those who are serious about their career and want to go in the details can also take help from a certified nursing exam guide. The exam guide will provide dummy question papers, which can help them in gaining confidence before appearing for the exam.

Practical Skills Exam

The practical skills test is to see whether the student is ready to assist the patients with the daily activities. The practical test will be the exact replication of the real-life work environment. The important aspects of clinical skill are as follows.

Applying for the Nursing Assistant License Exam

There are variations in the application procedures, fees and other requirements for the nursing assistant license exam among states. However, most of the states have common eligibility criteria for the exam. The applicant should be 18 years old and finish a CNA training program to apply for the exam. They have to fill two forms each for the state local office and the testing agency. If the applicant is working at the time of application, they will have to get the cna license form filled by their employers to provide an employment proof.

Those who are not able to clear the exam in the first attempt, the state provide them a chance to reappearing for the exam. The state local nursing office will guide them about the reapplication process. In any case, there will not be more than two or three chances to take the exam again. If not cleared in all 3 attempts, then they have to again undergo the nursing assistant training.

Can Candidates do the Nursing Assistant License Exam in Other Language?

There are some students who are not comfortable with the English language. All the states realize the limitation of those students and offer them flexibility to do the exam in other languages such as Spanish, French or German. However, they have to pay an additional fee to avail this facility. They have to inform about the language problem to the state examiner well in time so that they can prepare the written tests accordingly, and arrange for a language interpreter for the practical test.

When the Result of the Nursing Assistant License Exam is Declared?

The results of the nursing assistant exam are given on the same day of the exam. However, it takes two to four weeks to mail the license to the provided address of the applicant. To help candidates in not losing an employment opportunity, the state local office provides an additional copy of the license for the time being or until the license is mailed.

This concludes the discussion on CNA license exam. We have generalized the topic and presented the most important and common information since it is impossible to cover all the procedures state wise. Therefore, if you are planning to take the exam, contact your state local nursing board office and learn the procedures.

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