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CNA License Check

Any life-saving profession has to follow certain mandates regulated by the state and federal government. The first step towards this direction is to take the training and obtain a license by passing the exam. This is applicable even if you are looking for an entry-level position of a nursing assistant in any healthcare settings. Your responsibility does end after getting the license and an employment. Since the license is a primary requirement for the job, you alone are responsible to keep your CNA license valid. Many states will also need you to complete certain hours of education related to your profession. Further, you may want to continue working as a certified nursing assistant for a set numbers of hours. However, before employing you, the employers will conduct a CNA license search to check the status of your certified nurse aide license.

Not only the hiring institutions, but you too will need to check the certified nursing license status when you have misplaced it or unaware about its validity. The process you will follow to check the certified nursing assistant license is different from what the employers do. First, we will see how and what step the employers take to check your CNA license before hiring you.

How to Check CNA License

Given below are the step-wise procedure for checking of certified nursing assistant license

Step1: Find the contact detail of the Nurse Aide registry in your state and retrieve the contact number and mailing address
Step2: Visit the office in person and provide the details of your license such as license number and date of issue to the clerk over there
Step3: You will be asked to pay a small fee amount to the office for the license verification
Step4: If you do not remember your license number and date of issue, then you will have to provide your photo identity proof along with the social security number

Importance of CNA License at Different Workplace

The checking of the Nursing auxiliary license would depend on the regulations laid down by the state and the workplace.

nursing license Freelance Job: If you are a certified nursing assistant, you can work freelance. The pay and other benefits would depend on your experience. However, you can opt to work at your own convenient time. Most of the families need someone to take care of their family members when they are out for work. This type of job involved good pay, travelling allowance and a health insurance. The job would also be simple as compare to a hospital since you have to take care of one patient only.

When availing your freelance service, the hiring family would need to verify your certified nursing license. They want to make sure whether they can leave their ailing family member totally up to you. For this, they will need a background check that can confirm you have not violated any rules or are convicted for any offence. Further, they would check whether your license is approved by the State Nurse Aide Registry, and is still valid or need to recertify.

Nursing and Aged Homes: These types of agencies are specialized ones where varied types of services are provided to patients. These agencies are usually funded or run on charity. Your nursing skills would be use for physical and mental rehabilitation of the patients, infusing social and general awareness, and tending all the day-to-day requirements. When you apply for a job in these agencies, they would check your social behavior with the Public Safety Department. In addition, they would try to find whether your license is genuine and valid. They will contact the local licensing authority and the institute from where you have achieved your training. This check will confirm them about the subjects mentioned in the license.

Hospitals: Hospital environment is very challenging as well as rewarding. You have to deal with critical situations and raise the bar of hospice and care for the benefit of the management. Every single day spent in the hospital will teach you new things. Your supervisors would test your nursing skills and medical knowledge. Before that, the management would check your license validity and background. They will do it personally or seek the help of a third-party organization. Whatever method they resort to, the main aim would be to check out whether you truly deserve the job. Since the patients treated in the hospital do not have one type of disease, the management would also prefer whether you have completed required number of continuous education to keep pace with the new things happening in the medical world.

Long-term Care Institutions: High nursing skills and immense amount of empathy are all that a long-term care setting requires. This type of institutions usually cater their services to those patients who have lived with deadly diseases for most part of their lives, and are almost few steps closer to death. Taking care of such patients involves high responsibilities and adherence to stringent rules.

Before employing the certified nursing assistant, these institutions will perform FBI background check. They will check the authenticity and importance of your CNA license by contacting the training institute and local licensing authority. They will also check whether you can perform life saving role on patients. Continuous education check is equally important and compulsory to determine your medical knowledge.

The nursing assistant jobs are in great demand. Variety of healthcare settings needs them to look after their clients. There is also a possibility of the forged license to earn an employment with wrong means. Therefore, the employers do not want to risk their reputation and patients' lives. For this, they check your nursing assistant license to evaluate your medical knowledge, practical skills, authentic and validity of the license. This type of need to license check is for employment purpose only. However, you can also check your license in case you are not sure of its validity, or misplaced your original license.

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