Nursing Aide License in California

Certified nursing assistants are the integral part of the healthcare profession. They provide basic care to the patients and assist them in moving around the room, changing cloths, having meals and carrying out necessary duties. Typically, they work in the medical facilities like nursing homes and hospitals. Prerequisites for becoming a CNA in the United States are certification and working license that are provided by the nursing boards in the particular state. The procedures for obtaining nursing assistant license in California are supervised and monitored by the state nurse aide registry board here.

Requirements for CNA License in California

It is necessary to fulfill some requisites for entering the medical profession. They vary from a state to state. In California, the requirements for procuring the nursing certification and license are:

  1. The academic qualification as higher diploma or GED( General Education Development)
  2. Criminal background checks reports and medical reports. A candidate has to prove a clean past history in terms of health and character.
  3. Specific training hours in the clinical and theoretical classes to acquire the skills of certified nursing aides. In California, minimum 160 hours are mandatory for obtaining the license. A candidate has to complete 60 hours of coursework and 100 hours of clinical laboratory work.
  4. A student should pass the age of 16 years.

Once you complete the formal legalities for the license, then you can apply in the state registry for procurement of it. Once the candidate is provided with the license, they are eligible to work in any medical organization in this state.

Steps for Obtaining CNA License in California

There are several procedural legalities that you have to fulfill in order to possess the nursing license. A certified nurse aide aspirant must know about these steps in advance. Some of the common steps can be mentioned below:

nursing aide license in california

Certified Nursing License Renewal in California

The certified nursing aide license in California is valid for 2 years. You have to renew within the time frame, otherwise you have to again go for recertification. This renewal process is a step by step procedure, which are as follows:

Transfer of CNA License from California to Another State

You have the leverage to move to any of the state around USA and can work in any health care facility as per your choice. But, if you are moving from California to another state then you have to apply for the license transfer. The procedure for the transfer of license are as follows:

However, it is important that you should possess a valid patient care assistant license in order to work in any of the heath care organization in the United States.

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