About Us

It is said that behind every innovation, there is an inspiration. When we started designing and developing our website, we too had an idea in our mind. The concept for creating this website was initiated after seeing people struggling to place their feet in the medical industry. At first, we thought this could be just to earn a living, as we all have to do. However, later we understood why the job seekers are longing for the CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) license.

When our curiosity crossed all the bars, we started collecting data from all our reliable sources. When the report was compiled, we were shocked to learn the shortage of nursing assistants in the medical world. Of course, the result was no different when it came to doctors and nurses. Considering several things such as fees, duration and feasibility, we decided to concentrate on the nursing assistants’ profession for the moment. Maybe, very soon we will help all those fellow beings who are interested in pursuing a doctor or registered nurse profession by developing a separate website totally dedicated on these subjects.

For now, the reason that has fueled the desire to create this website is not the inadequacy of nursing assistants, but also out of sympathy for those who are in need of personal and medical care. If you look at the population who are waiting for supporting hands, you will roll your eyes. Many kids, adults, and elderly people are in need of nursing assistants. You cannot point out to one particular country. The entire global population is experiencing this similar feat.

In this website, you will find all the information to start your nursing career in the healthcare industry. We will guide you on how and from where you can make your career as a certified nursing assistant, only if you are interested to serve those unlucky people living with physical and mental disorders.

The first thing you must feed in your mind is that nursing assistant’s job is not easy unlike any 9 to 5 job. Though you will be working for set numbers of hours, at times, you may even have to extend your duty hours for emergency reasons. For some people, seeing the conditions of sick and elderly may bring a dizzy spell. Especially, those who are just starting to work as nursing assistants. Therefore, one should understand the job descriptions and duties of certified nursing assistants before applying for the license.

What information you can find, and who can benefit from our website

Every person, whether he/she is a newbie or an experienced in the nursing field can find this website useful. Here, you will learn about CNA license, the preparation you will need in achieving the license, the renewal, verification, and transfer process of the CNA license. If you are waiting to know about whether you can take an online CNA course as well as apply for the license, your wait will end here.

The information for each topic is provided in simple and easy-to-understand language. Accessing the topics is comfortable and just need a single click. Remember, that the state and federal government regulate the CNA licensing process. The rules, requirement and process can change without any prior notification. Whether you are trying to renew or transfer your CNA license, or applying for a new one, you must check out with the Public Health Department and the Nurse Aide Board of your state. This is necessary because the fee, duration, and the application process for CNA license are different for each state. Moreover, there are chances that until the time this website is uploaded on the internet, the new rules and regulations are already in effect.

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